Teodora Enache (Aisha) - Looking In The Mirror

Teodora Enache (Aisha) - Looking In The Mirror
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Lista pieselor

1. Crystal Silence - 5’28”

2. Looking in the Mirror - 3’36”

3. The Prophet About Love - 3’29”

4. Little African Flower - 6’22”

5. Body an Soul - 5’20”

6. Erev Shel Shoshanin - 6’50”

7. Romanian Healing Song - 7’20”

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Looking In The Mirror is the third album of the ‘Roots’ series (that followes ‘Roots I’ – a tribute to the Romanian traditional song, Doina, and to Maria Tanase and ‘Roots II Shorashim’ – based on the Jewish music), where, this time, the music becomes an inner journey, a process of self-knowledge. Looking In The Mirror draws inspiration from the ancient Taoist practice, a very precious technique in the path of spiritual development, that was first documented in the Song Dynasty. The purpose of this practice is to initially differentiate the two dimensions – the real world we live in and the world inside the mirror, and, later, to integrate them. Its big potential is to totally transform the life, the thinking, the inner being and the quality of the practitioner. It is a process of rebirth and living. This is how AISHA revealed herself to me. She brought me to a whole new dimension, to a healed mind, to my Source.           Aisha is all about myself. Aisha is my mysterious journey. With no beginning and no end. Aisha is the symbol of the healing, because it is a creation of Now. Aisha is joy and peace of mind. The musical themes become inspiration, gates through which Aisha explores the most intimate and hidden spaces of the human being. As, in practice, the mirror reveals many faces of the ego (some wonderful, others congestioned, some ingenious, others passional, each wearing a distinctive mark), the same, each song streams in a well defined space, disclosing another facet of the Journey. So that, it’s no wonder that the source of inspiration is Doina, but also Bach (to which, Teodora added lyrics from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet), Chick Corea and Duke Ellington, or Balázs Berkes and the Jewish traditional music. It is a range of colours, shades and incantations the voice exposes by. Singing this blues Is like going Home In that space inside Where you’re not apart…. (African Flower) Singing, I am always fascinated to discover new mysteries. That’s why I invite you to look with me in the mirror. Welcome to my Journey! Teodora Enache

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